Vendor’s Corner

News from BR&DM Vendors:                              (published in the order received)

IBM Operational Decision Manager 8.10 is comprehensive solution that helps you automate rules-based business decisions, on premises or on cloud. IBM ODM can authorize a loan, decide on a promotion or detect a cross-sell opportunity with high precision and customization — in seconds. Link

OpenRules Decision Manager can automatically deploys classical business decision models on-cloud as AWS Lambda functions without coding. Link

InRule Metrics makes it easy to analyze and compare the impact of automated decisions on business goals by displaying decision outcomes inside of today’s most popular analytics platforms, including Microsoft Power BI and Tableau®.  Link

Teal Partners introduced the next generation of their rules-based payroll system that optimizes decision making and manages the complexity of payroll or taxation regulations. Link

Trisotech has been developing business-friendly tools for non-technical users to extract value from modern technology. Business people can now integrate machine learning into business decisions that are explainable, auditable, and traceable and they can easily assemble business automations that orchestrate a series of microservices via modern API platforms. Link